When older adults have hearing loss, using the phone can become nearly impossible. The telephone is an important source of safety and social connection, so this makes caregivers understandably worried.

If you’ve noticed that your older adult has been avoiding talking on the phone, it could be due to hearing loss.

Keeping connected is important for health

Helping older adults with hearing loss use the phone gives them a safety line and helps them connect with family and friends, improving their mental and physical health. We found a phone that solves this problem. It’s a caption phone, which means the live phone conversation shows up in easy-to-read text on a large screen. It works like a regular telephone, just dial and answer calls as usual. Speak and listen using the phone handset like always.

Even better, the phone and caption service is free because it’s paid for by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

How seniors can get a free caption phone

The CaptionCall® captioned telephone is free for those who have professionally certified hearing loss. Before you order, make sure your older adult has:

  • Medically-recognized hearing loss
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Standard home phone connection
  • Standard electrical outlet

Bottom Line

This caption phone is great for older adults with hearing loss that affects their ability to use a standard telephone. It gives them a lifeline in case they need help and keeps them connected to family and friends.

If you have questions about the phone, want to know if your older adult qualifies, or aren’t sure about the installation process, call 1-877-557-2227. We found their customer support representatives to be friendly and helpful.